I've been asked to write a poem a week. I'm not particularly good at it, but I feel that some of them are worth publishing here. After all, the standards aren't exactly high here on blogger.

So here we go

The Burn
I look skyward
As black clouds coat the moon
I'm taken
To rainy days
Spent locked in the attic

Playing with retired toasters
and creased photos
fumbling through relics
Reveling in the safety their age brings

To days also spent in my matron's kitchen
Staring into a bowl
 Of chicken noodle soup
Listening as she makes plans for my life,
Or maybe hers

My safety net gone
I drop the matchbox
The gasoline 

It wasn't really intended to be so damn depressing. It just kind of happened. If anyone reads it, tell me what you think!

One last thing. Here is what has me laughing today:
 It really is a much bigger deal for people than I anticipated.

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