Illness and how to handle it. A.k.a. Why I didn't post this weekend

Something about me I probably haven 't mentioned before, I get sick easily. I'm not sure why, but my immune system is utter shit. I spent the weekend running between my bed and the bathroom. It wasn't that bullshit kind of sickness where you just wake up and 'feel kinda bad.' No. There is a distinct difference between those days and what I had. On those days, you sit up in bed, open your mouth, say you don't feel well, and lay back down. What I had was more, sit up in bed, open your mouth, paint the nearest wall with a grayish-green goup, and lay back down.

Not pictured: The freshly painted wall

I'll spare you the rest of the details and move on to talking about what I did over the weekend to make me forget about my sickness. The first thing I did was used this as an excuse to read a book a friend bought me a long time ago. This book was called House of Leaves. House of Leaves is designed to be a story within a story. The first story is of a guy who is running his life into the ground and is just trying to seek every pleasure he can. This man finds the notes of a guy who was trying to create a documentary about a peculiar house. As the man explores and tries to complete the documentary, his life of debauchery slowly crumbles around him. The story within the story is about a famous photographer and his family as they get a new house on Ash Tree Lane. The house seems fine, but small things about it are off. The earliest mention of this is that the house is just slightly larger on the inside than it is on the outside.

This image comes form a randomly selected page. It does get that screwy late in the book.

This book is a great little mindfuck that will leave you reading through its appendix looking for more. I definitely recommend it to anyone who would love a good psychological horror story, with the stipulation that that person be over the age of 18 or have permission from their parents. It's a great story, but it is definitely adult only at certain points.

The other thing I used to pass time I'll talk about tomorrow.


  1. A lot of people I know have been getting sick, must be going around right now.

  2. A story within a story? WE MUST GO DEEPER!

  3. That looks really weird and interesting! And get well!